Cheapest Computer Backup in Fraser Valley

UNLIMITED backup for $5/computer/month or $50 per year!

That's right folks. Ever worry about losing your precious pictures, videos, documents etc? What if there's a fire or someone steals your computer? What about those irreplaceable business files? We've got you covered. 

For only $5/month per computer we can have your computer backed up. It is UNLIMITED. Whether y
ou have 50 MB(Megabytes), 500 GB(Gigabytes) or 500 TB(Terabytes) of data, it's backed up.

We've partnered with a very reputable company and offer great pricing. Click here for a free trial 
(no obligation). If you like it, buy it online. *We may even be able to come and set it up for you if you're squeamish at those kinds of things. *Please call for availability.


                                              Unlimited Storage            
Military-Grade Encryption
                                              External Drive Support     Automatically Finds Files

                                              Custom Network Throttle  Manual/Scheduled backup

It's simple and you can set a schedule or it can continuously backup, every single time you save a document or picture. It even saves .pst (Microsoft Outlook Email) files. Have an external drive backing up your computer? No problem, the software senses this and backs up instantly. Find out more and get your free (No Obligation) trial here!

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We believe we are Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley's best provider of honest and fair computer repair services company. We won't try and baffle you with big words (unless you like that kind of thing). Be at ease, knowing you will be provided with great service, fair prices and top-notch advice. We provide computer services to the Fraser Valley, including Chilliwack computer repairs, remote backup, remote support, virus removal, new custom-built computers, hardware upgrades such as power supply, memory (RAM), IP cameras, QR Codes for your business website or a promotion, wireless network setup, wired network setup, computer cleaning, email setup, copy writing for web or print, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine/Website/Business Marketing, Web Market Research services, cable or ADSL internet setup, we do websites and more!